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There's nothing like a good book! Finding the perfect book to gift to someone you love is a great way of showing you care and you really know them. Our range of uplifting, funny, interesting, helpful books make excellent gifts for any occasion.

A sparkling celebration of one of the world's best-loved wines, including history, quotes, facts, and recipes for classic and modern Prosecco-based cocktails.

Save water: Drink Prosecco

Who doesn't love a chilled glass of Prosecco? Champagne's younger, more affordable Italian cousin is a light, dry sparkling wine, perfect for every occasion. From a summer tipple to a tasty cocktail, dinner accompaniment or festive fizz, you just can't beat it. And as global sales would indicate, Prosecco is the new black.

Bubbling with Prosecco-infused wit and wisdom, and mixed with recipes for some of Italy's most iconic Prosecco cocktails - the Spritz, Rossini, Mimosa - The Little Book of Prosecco is a sparkling celebration of one of the world's best-loved wines that will have you reaching for a bottle and popping that cork in no time.

Prosecco has only 90 calories per glass - that's less than a banana!

'All you need is love, laughter and Prosecco.'
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